Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Late Night Thinking-I challenge you to make a small start in becoming a better person!

It's late but i have lots on my mind,

First off- I would like to mention how happy i was that Meganheartsmakeup posted my depression video on her fan-page, finally people are beginning to listen to the message i have to share. After becoming depressed i understand a lot more about people and their feelings, it makes me want to help others be happy with just being themselves. I know every parent known to man says that, but i literally mean it, most teens change themselves for others. I think you should be more selfish and care about finding out who you truly are before even worrying about others. I am currently working on finding my real self also, of coarse its hard not to care what others think about you and to just do what you want to do,  but i try to convince myself to never give up.

Tomorrow, I challenge each and every one of you to say at least HI to a minimum 5 people you don't usually talk to, make someone who may be very lonely and sad inside feel noticed. I promise it can change someones day, from experience i know that just someone noticing my existence would make my day a lot better!

Secondly- i challenge everyone to NOT say something negative or bad about someone for an entire day. It doesn't sound hard but you will be surprised by the amount of unintentional bashing most people do throughout a typical day. I was very surprised when i tried to do this challenge. Starting to look at the good in people makes it easier to be a more positive person.

Thirdly- More about me, i have currently been trying to get to the bottom of why i have been feeling so sick. I went off the antidepressants for a couple of days to realize i can't barely function without them. I was crying nonstop and was a hormonal mess of mainly sad and angry mood swings. I went back on it today and feel a little better mood wise, but still trying to figure out why i feel sick all the time. Doctor appt. tomorrow to discuss everything so please pray that goes well.

Please think about others and try the two challenges i suggested above, it seems small but making a big difference in someones life has to start somewhere even if it is a small start.

Keep our goal in mind:
The number 1 cause of teen deaths is suicide: TOGETHER we are going to change that.

Have an awesome Easter or whatever you celebrate:) night! 


  1. this is a VERY good idea.♥.i hope many people see & try this.
    you're right.we humans are flawed & we unintentionally do a lot of bashing sometimes.

  2. Hey Maddie!
    First off I want to say that you are so brave for makeing that video about depression and sharing your story. Even though I don't suffer from depression, I know what it like to feel that no one understands you. A couple years ago I lost all my friends for no reason. That hurt my confidence level a lot. I didn't understand why they didn't want to be friends with me. Since they stopped being friends with me right before summer, that whole summer I was sad. I didn't know why they stopped talking to me. About a year later I relized something in my life need to change. I made the decsion to stop caring about what people thought about me. It was a long process but now I can say that others opions don't matter to me anymore. I started liveing for myself and not for other people. I hope that someday teens can stop caring SO much about what other people think of them.
    Stay strong,

  3. Here's a story that I believe also captures an in-depth experience with depression & much more. It leaves a strong & clear message in one's mind. Even though it is rather long, if you ever have the time, please check it out.

  4. Hey Maddie.. I just wanted to say that you are such an inspiration to those who are diagnosed with depression. Personally, I have been dealing with depression ever since I was 7... and I'm 20 - so it's been quite a long time. For so many years, I chose to ignore it and perhaps maybe.. just maybe it would go away. But then I ended up in University.. relationships gone wrong.. family struggles... having a clueless identity.. my life seemed to go downhill. I'm an alcoholic and I used to cut myself. Only 3 months ago I decided to secretly go to therapy. You know what? It was the best decision of my life. Yes, there are still moments where I can't get out of bed, where I don't have motivation to go anywhere, where food is my only answer, etc... but I am so proud that I am getting help and so should you. I'm proud that there are other young women out there who are speaking up with such amazing confidence. Keep it up girl! <3

  5. I have a problem.
    i eat. all the time i just eat and eat and eat and i feel miserable. Eating is the only thing that makes me feel good and after i'm done, i just feel like shit. and worthless and alone and its been like that since 7th grade. I am in 11th grade now. I mean, i have my good days- i have really good days- but then i have days like today- i feel like i do right now. all i can do is cry. i feel drained. I tried to get help and after years of not telling anybody, i told my mom. a year ago, i asked my mom if we could find therapy- i told her that i just wanted someone to talk to and she promised me that she would help me look for someone before the summer began. She never did. Every time I try and bring it up (which is not very often) she gets quiet. she says the same things when i ask her. she tells me that she will look for someone with me and then she never does. or she tells me that I'm using it as an excuse to have a reason to not take care of my school work or work around the house.
    it's not an excuse. i WISH i was making it up. i don't want to feel like this
    i don't want it to get worse
    how do i get help?