Sunday, April 24, 2011

Life is like a game of shoots and latters?

Hello and Happy Easter!

I was taking my dog for a walk and thought of this, let me know what you think and if you agree

To me life is like the game shoots and latters.
The game consists of these red slides known as "shoots" which bring you farther and farther away from winning and the game consists of different sizes of yellow latters that raise you closer and closer to winning.

If you think about it, the different sizes of "shoots", are all the little and big struggles, we as people, struggle with daily. Some of our "shoots" can be sad and tragic and some can be a silly as a bad grade in science-either way they are negative and bring us down. But i am here to tell you that although life has many "shoots" it also always has "latters" awaiting your arrival!
If you feel you keep sliding down different "shoots" in your life and you feel your life is pointless and negative, i want to inform you that you can't give up. There will always be a latter for you to climb or expierience you must never stop looking for one, even if it is small you must have faith there is one in your future. A latter for you could even be as simple as reading this message or watching my youtube video, but i want you to know that life has a latter waiting for you, i promise.

 You must give it time, and sometimes you must go down many shoots before you find a latter but that is all apart of the game of life. My other thoughts of this analogy are that you can not leave the game or give up on the game because that is like giving up on your life or commiting suicide, and that would mean you would lose the game or "lose life". To me, life is different for each person and going down many shoots prepares you for all the latters and thats the whole game of life, you can't lose, you can't leave, you must play and struggle and celebrate until your game is over. If we all gave up none of us would win, and if everything was latters then life would have no purpose of no real meaning.

Now its time for each of you to find your own latters:) good luck!

x0x0xx0x0 Maddie
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