Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm back! and ways to contact me for advice:)

Hello, sorry i haven't written in a while. I kind of had a lot going on in my life that was stressing me out. Stress shouldn't be a reason i neglect blogging or awnsering my emails, but for a couple of weeks i simply gave up on the whole idea of liveyoulifeforevs success. I have had a lot of trouble making another video and doing all the things i had planned on doing. Its so exciting at first when so many people admire you but i can't stand to let you all down now!

Its almost 2 am, and i am wide awake, just thinking, and feeling that i will pull an all nighter (not by choice). I have sleep troubles from the meds, some nights they keep me up for an entire night, others i fall wright to sleep.

I think constantly about choices we are forced to make throughout life. I am currently having to make the choice of doing drill team dance at school or staying with my lovely dance family at a studio. It's been causing me a lot of stress because i am not so good at making my own decisions, it scary to think i could be missing out on something either way. Although this seems like a small decision that should be easy, all decisions in my eyes are hard, you must think of pros and cons and decide on your own what works for you.

I also wanted to give you all ways to contact me:

Facebook: Maddie Alsmeyer

Youtube: Liveyourlifeforev


If you ever need advice, someone to talk to, or to give me advice- you contact me at one of those three places! i want to help as many people as possible so spread the word of my blog and youtube.

and in the meantime-- your challenge of this weekend is:
either ask someone new to hang out or stand up for someone being ridiculed

either challenge is helpful-just try and think of others and how you standing up for them may be stopping them from pulling the trigger.

On another note, i have been thinking a lot about youtube and how i can make my channel a helpfull place for teens. any ideas? is it even helping anyone? or is it a waste of time?

well i guess i will try to sleep as best i could
kind of a pointless blog! Night!

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    What you're doing is so incredible. I'm amazed every time I read your inspiring words. I LOVE your weekly challenges :) Keep 'em coming!