Monday, June 6, 2011

YOU, can change someones day--good or bad

Hey guys, sorry i havn't written in a while, i have had a lot on my mind, but had troule putting it all down on paper.
My depression is back and has been really bad these past couple of weeks, but i'm not giving up! i want to not only help myself, but all of you guys! I've had a few people tell me i can't help others if i am not cured all the way-and in my opinion thats totally wrong-helping people is what i love and want to do more then anything, so i WILL NOT STOP even for stupid depression!!!!
The feeling i get when i know ive helped someone else, is the most amazing feeling ever :)!

Anyways-the reason i named this post "YOU can change someones day" is mainly because i have recently realized this statement to be true. Things people say to me on youtube or e-mail have really been an amazing encouragment for me to not give up, keep making videos, and people have given me complements i am not used to hearing. A comment or positive e-mail literally changes a bad or sad day into a really good day in a matter of 2 minnutes.

SO, baically i am trying to say that things you say or do can make or break someones day. It seems simple but the little things you do for or toward someone can greatly impact there day, so as a community of people trying to be the best we can be,
i CHALLENGE you all to make someones day a little brighter sometime this week- call up an old friend and envite them over or just have a positive chat, or talk or complement a stranger, or smile at everyone that walks by you etc.. BE CREATIVE WITH THIS! you all are amazing people so i know making small changes in your daily life can greatly impact your and there life with positivety!
We all know how it feels to get a complement or be told something nice, and we all know how amazing and confident one complement can make you. Do you accept my challenge of the week? Let me know what you did and if you think it made an impact in a peers day!!

I love you all, and i pray that we all get better and find happiness in this hard world. But if i'm not giving up, you can't either. Remember the goal. Number one cause of death in teens is suicide- WE WILL CHANGE THAT! If you accept my challenge, we might be one step closer to the goal<3<3<3
Night! x0x0x0 maddie

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  1. So awesome! You never cease to amaze me. I accept the challenge!!!