Wednesday, June 29, 2011


i'm in new york city and will be leaving this weekend. New York has been my favorite place since i can even remember. The exciting vibe gives me an amazing hope in the world its hard to achieve in Texas. I really do not want to leave this city, but all good things have to come to an end i guess. Just looking back to my home town, i have not missed anything about it, i do not look forward to coming home to a house were i will be sitting alone all day long. Having a new start in new york has been amazing and makes me want to find a way that i can stay for forever. I think i need a new beginning in my life, to many things remind me of the sadness of last year. I want to start in a place where no one knows me and i can begin life as a new version of myself. but many times in our lives things we want can't happen. but for now i will enjoy my last couple days in the city, and with great people i have met. And when i get back only a couple weeks until i have to begin drill team..... its hard to even type. well this has been pointless. i will try to write when i have all my free time at home..

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