Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dance makes me feel...

Theres a lot going on in my life. Summer will soon come to a close and drill team will start up....I feel very empty lately, very warn. Dance has been the main thing on my mind lately, theres a new dance team i want to be on so bad next year and i don't think i can afford it etc etc. I'm trying to make money any way i can. I am selling hair flower clips in all colors for $3 so if you want to help out either donate or buy a flower:)

Dance makes me feel alive when in life i feel very dead. It gives me a reason, a reason to live, a reason to breathe, a happy feeling i can not achieve unless i'm dancing. I don't know why i am so obsessed with the art/sport but its all i think and dream about. I want it so bad, i want to be amazing. When i dance i want people to feel the pain, the enjoyment, the love, and the passion i endure. I wish my parents knew how much i love it and how badly i want to perform in front of huge crowds. To me dance is like talking with your body. Dance doesn't let you down like people do. I guess i have been hurt so many times its hard for me to want to have relationships with people. While others are constantly with friends, i stand alone but am happier that way. Dance gives me a way to talk without faking feelings, its really what i feel. There are no fake smiles, only passion witch couldn't be any more real. I take it more seriously then anything in my life, and yet it is constantly the thing being threatened to be taken away from me. I want to be able to afford dance so bad that it hurts. My parents are making me do drill team when i want to be on this new dance team more than anything. My house is very tense right now, as i want this so bad and i am not giving up without a fight. I wish they listened to me, if they only knew dance is my entire life and reason for existence . 

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