Monday, April 23, 2012

suicide-lets be open


I have many mornings that the word suicide can not get out of my mind. A feeling of defeat and not wanting to get out of bed and not haveing a reason to live are the things that really get me thinking of ways to end everything. I know i am not the only one who thinks about this but something people in my situation really have to think about is the people who love them so much- not only do i have doubts about anyone even noticing i was gone or caring if i was gone, i must continue to have faith that someone somewhere would care. If you are reading this and have some of my same feelings and don't know if anyone would miss you- i want you all to know that i will miss you, your family, your friends, your neighbors, the upper classman. Its sad to say in the past week and a halph i have heard about at least 5 suicides in my town. This is sad and makes me really think about how although life seems worthless and not worth liveing, i have to cary on- god wouldnt want me gone, he is one person i can have faith that will always love me no matter what. it's hard for me to say he is the reason i have not killed my self already but really its fright and the feeling i might miss something while i'm gone. I have a passion for dance and i don't want to leave my passion behind. That is truely one thing i am not willing to let go therefor i am still here. makeing it through each and every day. If you feel suicide is in your thoughts often. i want you to email me as soon as possible. 

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