Thursday, March 22, 2012

I miss you.

Its weird to think two years ago, i was an innocent 8th grader. I was so excited for highschool, and now i can't wait to get out. All that happend in highschool was ten times worse than anything i expierenced in middle school. Looking back, i never would have thought my best friends soon would be the people i look past in the hallway. I thought Sam and I would be friends forever. I loved everything about sam, I had the most fun with her. I could be myself around sam. We were like sisters. Her faimily took me in as if i was one of there own. I barely ever fought with her and have the best memories made with her. It goes to show, even the people you put complete trust in won't always be there for you. Whether we just parted, or we both changed, or i became too depressed, sam and i are no longer friends. I still to this day sometimes just miss being able to call her whenever. Or just go to her house and feel like i was part of the family and have a feeling of being accepted. I will never have a friend exactly like her again. Mainly because i don't put my trust in peopke like i did sam. Losing her hurt, and causes me to hold back a little more with each friend that comes my way. If friends aren't forever and my family isn't always dependable, who do i put my trust in?

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