Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why does food control my life...

March 21, 2012

I sit in English class feeling down. I binge ate last night an this morning and I'm wondering why. I was doing so well on Monday and almost all of Tuesday. Something comes over me where I give up and run to the pantry when I'm stressed or anxious or sad. The day after I binge eat I always feel horrible. I feel sik, and sad and mad at myself. So today is not te best of days as you can imagine. I have gained five pounds and it's making me a mess. I think I binge ate last night just because I was so upset from what the
Scale said. It's so hard to deal with food. I feel like it
Controls my life and my moods. I feel out of control when I'm binge eating and I feel sad and down the days following. I wish I could give up food forever, but I have to eat to live and that's why it's hard to control myself when I try to eat normal amounts. I need to lose weight and I need a diet plan with exactly what to eat. I need to take control of food and stop letting it control my entire life. I have to work on some dumb writing summery. Xoxoxo

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  1. i'm sending you virtual hugs! and i hope you will find your happines cause i'm sure you're a very strong and incedible person! <3