Monday, May 7, 2012

Not much to say, but i got out as much as i could:/

the school year is almost over and i can not contain my excitement. A few more weeks of sitting alone in the libaray during lunch and then I am free. I'm not really sure what i am going to do all summer. Hoepfully i can get a job and earn some money. My grades have been slipping and i don't know why. I started crying yesterday at my last dance competition. I'm not really sure why but i could not stop crying. I have not done this for a while. I think I am scared. I want to move out and go to new york, but so many things hold me back. How can i get enough money? What if the danceing is not good. What if i am really lonely, even more lonely than i am now. I really don't even like writing about it because it makes me so anxious. I don't know how i have been feeling lately but i know, its been a hard last semester. I am just so scared about my future and i need help. I need something to happen something to just make me happy. A change in my life that is much needed. all i know is i will not go to westlake high school next year. I simply can not. 

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